Royal Ascot 2012

For Royal Ascot 2012, Margaret was commissioned by Lynne Webster to create a masterpiece inspired by the Royal Jubilee. Margaret rose to the challenge, and created a hat that celebrated the year of the jubilee and the traditional colours of the UK.

The X Factor

For all you hat lovers following The X Factor on ITV1 – The diva Misha B
was sporting a Hats By Billy couture crown on the show broadcast on
October 8th 2011. Made from silver plate wire and sparkling Swarovski
crystals it would make a stunning wedding headpiece!

Misha B’s performance can be seen here.

Royal Ascot

Margaret has currently completed a commision for a special hat for Royal Ascot, It is a display peice which will be on display at royal ascot itself modelled by the delightful Jade Taylor.